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Percolation Test/Site Assessment

Percolation test house against a mountainA Site Assessment (also known as a Percolation Test) is required for planning permissions for all proposed new homes, commercial premises and some extensions, which cannot access the public system. It may also be required when replacing, relocating or upgrading an existing system. The Site Assessment/percolation test is an analysis of your site position, soil, and water table to determine the wastewater treatment system and percolation area most suitable to deal with your wastewater. Proper testing, system selection and percolation design are required for planning but also minimise the risk of environmental contamination and/or malfunction of your system.

Our tests are carried out by Chartered Engineers qualified in FETAC “Site Suitability On-site Wastewater Treatment” and carrying full Professional Indemnity Insurance as required by the County Council. Our service includes setting out proposed location and test holes on your site, supervision of digging, provision of water, full percolation test and visual assessment, advice on a suitable system, detailed percolation area/polishing filter design (including cross and longitudinal sections) and preparation of the EPA Site Characterisation Report to council requirements. We have 10 years of experience in wastewater system design and certification for domestic and commercial applications and have an excellent track record. We are entirely independent of any wastewater treatment system manufacturer and so recommend the system which is most suitable to your site and budget and fully EPA compliant.

EPA = Environmental Protection Agency, Ireland’s statutory body for the balanced and sustainable protection and management of the environment. See

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Certification digger creating drainageIn most counties it is a condition of your grant of planning permission that the construction of the percolation area be overseen and certified by a suitably qualified engineer and evidence of same submitted to the council. Our fully qualified and insured Chartered Engineers will oversee the contractors’ installation of your percolation area ensuring that it is completed in accordance with your planning permission. We submit certification of this, in conjunction with photographic evidence, to your county council and can provide Ancillary certification to your Assigned Certifier as required.

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Site Improvement

1223105_27cd4632Since the introduction of the new EPA guidelines in 2009, many sites struggle to meet the EPA Site assessment/percolation test requirements. Where a change of site is not the preferred option we offer constructive EPA-compliant advice on options for improving your site in order to reach compliance. Despite our many years of success in carrying out site improvements, we are careful to advice clients that some sites are simply not suitable for improvements, and that there are risks and challenges involved in those that are. We present a fully costed and time-framed proposal to carry out improvements, supervise the works, carry out intermittent tests and adopt a result oriented iterative approach, always in compliance with EPA guidelines.

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